Leadership Retreat

2023 Leadership Retreat

February 15th - 17th  - The Don CeSar, 3400 Gulf Blvd, St Pete Beach, FL 33706

The CBAO Leadership Conference is designed to provide an opportunity to gain leadership knowledge, learn from top regulators, a panel regulated by CBAO’s banking attorney, Paul Foster; as well as, learn about timely information on the economy, interest rate trends, and investment strategies.


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Member Banker and Associate - $550.00

Non-Member Banker - $650.00

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Wednesday, February 15th

Travel Day – Arrive at Your Leisure

5:00pm – 6:30pm - Welcome Reception Enjoy great company, delicious hos d’oeuvres and refreshments as we kickoff the 2023 Leadership Retreat looking over the Gulf of Mexico.


Thursday, February 16th

7:00am Registration and Breakfast

7:30am– How your bank can take advantage of the Fed’s Durbin Amendment Clarification Tom Miller

The October 2022 clarification from the Fed sparked a new competition to decide who’s going to route and authorize more than 50% of your debit card transactions.  There’s opportunity for the banks looking to take advantage.  This session will break down the latest decision from the Fed and show you the critical questions you need to be asking today in order to optimize the profitability of your debit card program. We’ll look at the new consumer technologies impacted by the change, and examine how the choices you’re making impact everything from security to profitability on each transaction.

8:15am - Refreshments

8:45am – Don’t just survive Cybersecurity.  Set your bank up to thrive. – Jeremy Pogue

Constant attacks from Cyberthreats can seam daunting and never ending.  But the reality is following some simple best practices will greatly reduce your banks chance of being breached.  Following along in this presentation as we go through the things that will make your bank strong enough not to just survive cyber threats but use technology as a weapon for your success.

9:30am - Refreshments

9:45am– Fintech Engagement – Why it’s Important - Charles Potts

The community banking landscape is changing and keeping up with those changes is more challenging than ever before. The increase of fintechs in the banking space has given rise to unprecedented competition among banks and challenger companies. To stay relevant in today’s market, community bankers must embrace these new companies and the benefits they can provide to a bank’s customer base. Finding the sweet spot between high tech and high touch is crucial to surviving and thriving in this exciting new competitive landscape. Taking a wait-and-see approach to new technologies just won’t work anymore and our presenter, Charles Potts will share his thoughts on what’s happening in the marketplace and how banks can leverage these Fintechs.

10:45am – 3:45pm: Banker Networking:  Join your fellow bankers and delight in the beautiful St. Pete, FL.  Enjoy strolling around town for the day and appreciating the surroundings, resort life and many dining options.

4:00pm – 6:00pm: General Session

  • Banking Regulator Panel - Dynamic Interactive Question and Answer: Dudley Gilbert, Oklahoma State Banking Department; Terence Mack, OCC; Ryan Harwell, Federal Reserve; Mark Taylor, FDIC - moderated by Paul Foster, CBAO General Counsel

6:30pm: Group Reception and Dinner


Friday, February 17th

8:00am Registration and Breakfast

8:30am:  Bank M&A Report from the Trenches: What We Wish You Knew, Key Pointers & (for attendee’s only) Helpful List– Paul Foster & Carrie Foster – Paul Foster Law Offices, P.C.

9:30am: Refreshment Break

9:45am: Leveraging Data to Improve Financial Value – Sanjay Bhaskar

The challenge facing most banks is not a lack of data. Banks have access to an abundance of information; every day a bank will send millions of data points though expensive networks and applications in order to process, transmit and maintain daily operations. But having this massive volume of data does not automatically correlate to having valuable insights. During this session, KlariVis will discuss how to easily turn this cache of data into actionable insights that empower the bank to provide the customer experience its customers are demanding, streamline operations, and ultimately drive financial value for its constituents.

10:30am: Refreshment Break

10:45am: How to Create an Agile “People First” Culture - Katie Barnes

This session will dive into how BHG has scaled its people-first work culture throughout an ever-changing job market, while maintaining productivity and employee satisfaction during the organization's immense growth.

11:30am: Adjourn.


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