PAC Club


Your CBAO PAC CLUB donation invests in the following:


  • Political contributions at a state level
  • Helps support Oklahoma statewide officials, such as Governor, Speaker, President Pro Tem of the Senate, Floor Leader, Committee Chair,  numerous House and Senate members, etc.
  • Funds contributions to Oklahoma state PAC’s like the Republican House PAC, Senate PAC, etc..


  • Political contributions at a national level
  • CBAO works with ICBA at the national level. For CBAO to contribute to an Oklahoma US House or US Senate member, ICBA serves as the Fed-PAC for CBAO.
  • It also reminds ICBA that CBAO does not just ask for funds but is a true partner in raising those funds.. Your bank still receives ICBA credit for the ICBA Directors' Club (by meeting their contribution levels) and if you are on an ICBA committee, it fulfills that contribution requirement.


  • Host political fundraisers and events at the state and national level
  • For example, Speaker Charles McCall’s Annual Birthday Party that invites all House members and staff, CBAO fundraisers for Senator Jim Inhofe,  and Congressman Frank Lucas. Assists with the expenses for the  state government relations team.
  • Offsets Washington DC lobbying expenses
  • Each year many CBAO member bankers hit the Hill and meet with the Oklahoma delegation. Meals and sometimes travel within the DC corridor to events is necessary.
  • CBAO staff meet throughout the year with the banking staff of each House and Senate member, to build relationships that help CBAO better express your views on legislation and regulation.