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Welcome to CBAO’s newsletter, BankSavvy. In a world that is evolving exponentially, through technological breakthroughs, changing laws, updated regulations — and even accepted norms — bankers must have more information at their fingertips than ever before. With this new monthly publication, we pledge to provide you with timely and accurate information to help you stay ahead of the latest developments.

“Savvy” is a great word. Webster’s dictionary defines it as having or showing perception, comprehension, or shrewdness, especially in practical matters. Savviness is a goal I’ve always strived to attain and it’s an ideal ripe for the times in our industry.

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CBAO will be launching a monthly newsletter starting in April 2021 which will include email with community banking and legislative updates, along with additional education and event opportunities and current industry news. This update reaches our entire database of up to 6000 subscribers. Reserve your ad today!

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We are excited to offer our Associate Members the opportunity to submit educational articles related to the Oklahoma community banking industry. Please submit below, to have your article considered for the monthly newsletter.  Setup will include a headline title, teaser and a link to the article. Suggested length - 1000 words.

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