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Enjoy Legal and Regulatory Support from outstanding banking attorneys, General Counsel Paul Foster and attorney Carrie Foster, available at no cost to answer general state and federal legal/regulatory banking questions.


Paul Foster Law Offices, P.C. (PFLO)

“Oklahoma’s Community Banking Attorneys”

Championing the cause of community banking in our great state is our passion and we are privileged to work alongside the Community Bankers Association of Oklahoma toward that end. PFLO has a long-standing exclusive commitment to CBAO’s legal/regulatory support program and is pleased to continue to offer this service to CBAO’s members.

The program developed by Paul Foster and CBAO over more than a decade, enables members to contact PFLO with general state or federal legal/regulatory questions of all manner, except for federal compliance matters (what would typically be included in a federal compliance exam). When contacting PFLO with a legal/regulatory question, keep the following in mind:

1. First, identify yourself and the bank, and indicate the contact is pursuant to CBAO membership. Next, present only the general factual context along with the question. The purpose of the program is to respond to general questions with legal and regulatory information and does not include legal advice. Therefore it should be noted that contacting PFLO through the CBAO legal/regulatory support program does not create an attorney/client relationship nor provide the confidentiality protections of the attorney/client privilege.

2. Paul Foster Law Offices, P.C. provides assistance for banks and bankers regarding all manner of banking, commercial, bank holding company, bank subsidiary and bank affiliate legal and regulatory matters—both state and federal, including the following areas of practice:

  • Bank legal and regulatory issues for State and National Banks;
  • Bank mergers, acquisitions, and sales including branch sales and acquisition;
  • Bank expansion such as new charters, branching, subsidiaries, affiliates, insurance, LPO/DPO, bank service companies, relocating main offices or branches, etc…;
  • Bank corporate, shareholder, structure and restructure matters;
  • New Bank charters;
  • Bank regulatory capital and asset strategic planning and consultation;
  • Mortgage lending activities and regulatory issues;
    Bank litigation matters and assistance to properly respond to subpoenas and other legal process;
  • Advice concerning financial privacy at both the State and Federal level;
  • Assisting, guiding and defending banks and bank directors involving regulatory issues, MOUs, Consent Orders, C&Ds, other enforcement, removal, and civil money penalties;
  • Other regulatory enforcement actions before all banking agencies and courts.

We look forward to continuing to assist the CBAO members to be successful community bankers. Contact us by:

(405) 329-9101 phone;
(405) 310-4396 fax

Paul Foster: ;

Carrie Foster: ;

Mariah (assistant):

2150 McKown Dr., Norman, OK 73072 (snail mail – always welcome!)

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