Associate Member COVID-19 Resource

Accume Partners

Contact: Bobby Adams,, 281-942-8229

Product/Service: Internal Audit


  • Making adjustments on current contracts
  • Remote services and weekly Covid-19 newsletters

Advantage Health Plans Trust

Contact: Jay Kempton,, 4054095247

Product/Service: Community Bank Health Plan

Assistance: Upcoming Webinar

Please see the following link to webinar:


Reference Based Pricing (RBP) is a useful tool in your health plan playbook to help level the playing field.
In this quick 15-minute webinar, Jay Kempton will offer insights into the world of RBP, illustrate the impacts of RBP, and offer key points leading to RBP success.

Plan Solution

Please see the flyer and registration information:

Bankers Healthcare Group

Contact: Tom Badolato,, 315-372-4510


  • Medical and Professional loans sold to community banks


  • Performing Webinars
  • Holding Virtual Conference updates for our community bank partners so they are up to date on everything that is going on with our company.


Contact: Doug Van Meter,, 405.606.2584

Product/Service: Audit, Tax and consulting services. Consulting services include issues associated with COVID-19 that impact issues with the CARES Act including computations, tax benefits, accounting issues etc.

Assistance: Providing various white papers and guidance on our website at

Black Mesa Security, LLC

Contact: Julie Wallace,, 405-943-8500

Product/Service: We sell, service, and install bank equipment and electronic security products throughout the state of Oklahoma for the banking industry. We service all major brands of banking equipment including Diebold, Hamilton, American Vault, Fortis, Comco, and E.F. Bavis.

Assistance: Providing service for CBAO members in need of service for their bank drive thru systems that are unable to get adequate service from the previous providers due to the global pandemic.  Bank drive thru and drive thru audio systems are more essential and important now than ever before. We service all major brands of Bank Equipment including Diebold, Hamilton, American Vault, Fortis, Comco, and E.F. Bavis. If any CBAO member is having difficulty getting service on their bank drive thru from their current provider, we are here to help.


Contact: Brad Giddens,, 214-326-6300

Product/Service: Network management, support & administration; network hosting; IT consulting


According to KnowBe4, cybercriminals have ramped-up phishing attacks over 667% in March alone. Check out our latest blog regarding how hackers are leveraging the coronavirus to exploit the public.

IT Tips for Managing A Pandemic:

Deluxe Strategic Sourcing

Contact: Bill Saunders,, 972.533.1600


Deluxe Strategic Sourcing has has the ability to buy products in bulk important to essential businesses – including face masks, hand sanitizer, face shields, gloves, disinfectant spray, disinfectant bathroom cleaners, disinfectant floor cleaners, signage, etc..  They are working hard to acquire a large inventory of products in order to have these vital products available to you.

Click on link below to view products and pricing:

Financial Consulting Inc

Contact: Charlie Loomis,, 918-762-2271

Product/Service: SBA, FSA, USDA, and Conventional Loan Packaging, Placing and servicing. Accounts Receivable Financing. and Lender Service Provider for over 50 banks

Assistance: Can set up virtual meetings and can help lenders make good credits great, while also helping them enhance more marginal ones

Karns Profit ImprovementĀ®

Contact: Kelly Karns,, 918-815-1200

Product/Service: We ensure banks can strategically manage their vendors, vs. being managed by their vendors. Our vendor management includes contract administration, advice and negotiations to lower costs, improve service and reduce risks.

Assistance: In addition to ensuring our services are not interrupted, we proactively developed and delivered special reports highlighting vendor contacts that are scheduled to auto renew in the next 4 months. If the bankers are too busy to monitor our regular monthly reports, this special report allows the banks to quickly identify and address contracts they do not want to auto renew while the they are distracted. Otherwise, an auto renewal could be an expensive and limiting oversight. We received positive feedback on our action.

Main Street Inc.

Contact: Cynthia L Glover,, 8663804816

Product/Service: Sophisticated Check Printing, Data Driven Marketing, Market Studies, Print Media, Direct Mail

Assistance: Resource Center to help those small marketing offices with useful tools, communication tools for promoting digital services of the bank, Safe & Sound, Fraud, and promoting small businesses.

See link below:


Contact: Kevin Fream,, 9186454741

Product/Service: Vetted IT Support


  • Offering Discounts
  • Performing Webinars
  • Free Cybersecurity Data Breach Training, Microsoft Secure Score

Our COVID-19 page provides a host of free cybersecurity resources from remote work policies and Teams usage to data breach training to known scams – plus more.

McCormack & Associates

Contact: Brie Truett,, 580-255-1136

Product/Service: Compliance and Internal Audits and Consulting

Assistance: Offsite work

Mortgage Investment Services Corp

Contact: Darren Stewart,, 417-838-8298

Product/Service: Mortgage Lending and Mortgage Training and support for community banks.


  • Performing Webinars
  • Offering Mortgage loan support and secondary market support providing an online solution for application for clients as well as a consumer portal for customers to upload documents without leaving their home. Processing, underwriting, pre-quals, closing, compliance support and funding.


Contact: Trey Deupree,, 972-672-8245

Product/Service: NFP is a leading insurance broker and consultant providing specialized property and casualty, executive and director benefits, retirement and individual solutions.


  • Performing Webinars
  • NFP has produced numerous tools to help banks and their customers deal with threats and other risks during this time of uncertainty and change. We have provided tips for dealing with scammers/phishers, CyberLiability Updates, Working from Home Best Practices, Coronavirus Anxiety Workbook, Concerns involving Zoom, insights on utilizing untapped data to help identify emerging loss trends and mitigation strategies within the risk management space with Risk & Insurance.
  • Coronavirus Anxiety Workbook:


Contact: Shannon Phillips,, 800.800.9975

Product/Service: Consumer Real Estate Document and Disclosure Preparation

Assistance: Offering a simple modification to defer payments. Free SBA PPP note assembly platform.


Contact: John Hahn,, 405-590-2392


  • Bank supplies, marketing, promotional, office supplies, warehouse and distribution

Assistance: purchase products that are in short supply and offer to customers for pandemic such as hand sanitizer, masks, thermometers and toilet paper